Claude Monet

by | Oct 26, 2019 | Artists

Claude Monet also known as Oscar Claude Monet or Claude Oscar Monet (b. Nov. 14, 1840, Paris, Fr.–d. Dec. 5, 1926, Giverny), French painter, initiator, leader, and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist art movement. He is regarded as the archetypal Impressionist in that his devotion to the ideals of the movement was unwavering throughout his long career.

Monet is one of the world’s most famous and well-known artists. His paintings is so well-known that we would take great risk when take them for granted. Cezanne’s most famous quote, “Monet is only an eye, but my God what an eye”, emphasized that Monet as an artist who transferred his visual experience directly onto the canvas, with little influence and interference of ration. However, like Cezanne, Monet found it difficult to achieve his own vision, and, like most of his friends, he was not satisfied with the given achievements.

Monet’s early career is marked by the paintings of Normandy landscape; in the Medium-term of his art career, Paris, London, Venice, as well as those areas of France that particularly appealed to his sensibilities. We may look back on his life through the traces he left behind during his long journey. Having traveled widely, his brilliant life came to an end, leaving a short sketch on the water in the back garden at Giverny.

Monet saw the world as a constant stream of color and movement. He did only paint, as he would say, the “unpaintable” – without recourse to cliché or convention – to celebrate the continual unceasing movement of nature experienced through sight and time.