8 Best Kneaded Erasers for Charcoal in 2022

Unlike gum erasers, kneaded erasers serve a versatile number of purposes. The best part about kneaded erasers is that you can mold them to any shape or form. But that’s where most erasers get a hard time.

You see, you won’t find it easy to mold all the kneaded erasers to any shape. But moldability is its main purpose, right? Some erasers can make your artwork dirty.

Now, these are just typical ones you can get. We’re here to introduce to you some of the best kneaded erasers available in the market. To find out, read the reviews.

Bestseller No. 1
Faber-Castell Erasers - Drawing Art kneaded Erasers, Large size Grey - 4 Pack
  • Art Eraser Kneaded : Sold in Pack of 4 Kneaded Eraser pack - Grey Color
  • Faber castell kneadable eraser - The perfect drawing eraser choice for artists, sketch pencils, drawing supplies
SaleBestseller No. 2
Faber-Castell Kneaded Eraser with Case, Grey
  • Quality – ergonomically shaped quality eraser for soft corrections, which is smudge and PVC-free
  • KNEADABLE – This eraser is extremely kneadable and absorbent. It can be used for cleaning slides, and final drawing touch-ups.
Bestseller No. 3
PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser, 1224 Kneaded Rubber Eraser, Grey (70531) (3 Pack)
  • Kneaded Rubber Art Eraser.
  • Approx size 1-3/4" x 1-1/4" x 1/4"
SaleBestseller No. 4
June Gold Kneaded Rubber Erasers, Gray, 6 Pack - Blend, Shade, Smooth, Correct, and...
  • 6 Pack of Gray Kneaded Rubber / Gummy Erasers
  • Absorbent Material Erases and/or Lightens Charcoal, Pastel, Chalk, Colored Pencils and Graphite
Bestseller No. 5
Large Kneaded Eraser (2 Eraser Pack)
  • Corrects and lightens charcoal and pastel marks
  • Cleans photographic slides and drawings
SaleBestseller No. 6
June Gold Kneaded Rubber Erasers, Gray, 18 Pack - Blend, Shade, Smooth, Correct, and...
  • 18 Pack of Gray Kneaded Rubber / Gummy Erasers - Bulk / Multi-Pack
  • Absorbent Material Erases and/or Lightens Charcoal, Pastel, Chalk, Colored Pencils and Graphite
Bestseller No. 7
Prismacolor Premier Kneaded, ArtGum and Plastic Erasers, 3 Pack
  • Three premium erasers to help you tackle any erasing task: a kneaded rubber, an ArtGum and latex-free-plastic eraser
  • Kneaded rubber eraser molds easily into the size and space of what you’re erasing
Bestseller No. 8
Prismacolor Premier Rubber Kneaded Erasers, Medium, 24 Count
  • This professional quality vinyl eraser is latex free, absorbs graphite, and erases India ink
  • Each eraser is thin and easy to hold, giving you maximum control and making it easy to erase small details of delicate drawings
Bestseller No. 9
Kneaded Eraser - 4 Pack Erasers for Artists - Medium Size Art Eraser, Gray Kneaded...
  • Eraser for artists - 4 pack gum eraser medium size 1 1/4 inch x 3/4 inch - gray needed eraser.
  • Kneadable erasers - our drawing eraser putty molds to any shape and size making this the ultimate tool for blending.

Best Kneaded Eraser Brands in the Market Now

How’s this for an idea; before getting on with the review directly, let’s take a look at the top brands that make kneaded erasers that are actually worth your hard-earned money.

Faber Castell

Out of all the brands here, Faber Castell is probably the only one that doesn’t need an introduction, even if you aren’t that into art. The company was founded way back in 1761 by Kaspar Faber.

With such a long history, you can be sure they know a thing or two about making good quality erasers. That isn’t their only specialty, though. They also make pencils, drawing kits, cosmetics, creative design kits, and more.

June Gold

June Gold is a fairly new company compared to Faber Castell. It was started in 2014 by founders Randall and Jessica Marshall. However, within a short period of time, they have become quite the brand name in the industry.

Their products are known to be quality and are also some of thebest ones you can buy in general. The company started with just one product. Over the years, their success has ledto the launch of new products, including mechanical pens, gel pens, lead refills, and of course, kneaded erasers.


Then, we have Prismacolor. They also have quite a lot of experience in the industry. Prismacolor was established in 1899 by founder Berol. The company didn’t remain under his ownership, though.

Now, Newell Brands owns Prismacolor, and we have to say they are doing quite a good job running the show. It produces high-quality art supplies for both professionals and nonprofessionals.

The best part? They are all reliable and made to perform. Prismacolor produces colored pencils, art markers, watercolors, erasers, and more.


Bellofy is one of the smaller companies on this list. The sheer quality and thoughtfulness that goes into their products are what landed them a spot on this list.

They are also known to make a lot of different art supplies too. You will find drawing kits, pencils, sketching toolkits, paper pads, mechanical pencil sets, and more from the brand.


Sanford has the most diverse product lineup. How diverse? Well, they produce air conditioners, garment steamers, personal and office gadgets, and even home appliances.

The company is owned by a UAE-based company known as Sanford Middle East DWC. Sanford is nowhere done bringing out new products. You will see a lot of high-quality products from them in the future

8 Best Kneaded Erasers Review in 2022

A quick search for kneaded erasers will give you a lot of different results. Here is the problem, though; all of them seemingly look the same. However, that isn’t quite the case. To help you make the most of your purchase, here are the top 8 you can choose from.

1. Faber Castell Drawing Art Kneaded Erasers

Ah, Faber Castell. Every kid, whether they were the artistic type or not, has had some experience with this brand. They have become somewhat of a stand-out brand when it comes to art supplies. And their kneaded erasers are no different.

If you’re looking for one that’s effective and checks all the right boxes, this one is the only kneading eraser you need, basically. All you need is a gentle touch on the paper to start removing marks. That right there is a sign of a quality eraser.

In case you don’t need to completely erase a part but rather want to just lighten it, making delicate light strokes with this one achieves the same function.

One of the most distinguishing features of any kneaded eraser is its ability to be malleable. This one from Faber Castell is one of the easier ones to mold. Twist and shape it to any shape you want. That also helps avoid dirtying your paper.

Medium compatibility is good as well. It will work with charcoal, pencils, pastels, and also sketch pencils.


  • Erases very well without a trace
  • Can be used to lighten areas
  • Doesn’t makethe paper dirty
  • Easily malleable
  • 4 in 1 pack is a good value


  • A bit large

2. June Gold Kneaded Erasers

If you want performance, value, and a downright top-quality kneaded eraser, these 6 packerasers from the guys over at June Gold arethe ones to get. Don’t misinterpret value as being a bad product because it’s anything but.

You can mold these to practically any shape you wish. Thus, making it super easy to get into those tight spaces and make necessary adjustments to your art. Another cool feature about this one is its material compatibility.

It can absorb a host of different materials like charcoal, colored pencils, pastel, graphite, and more. That alone makes it quite the versatile little eraser. The elasticity is good as well since it’s made from industry standard putty, which all the top brands use.

Do be careful, though. Although the elasticity is good, you don’t have infinite elasticity. So, mold and bend it carefully.

We already mentioned that the eraser comes in a 6-pack, which is great value for the money as well. When you need to replace one, you have 5 waiting right there. This is much better than ordering them one by one.


  • Very good material compatibility
  • Easily moldable to fit any erasing needs
  • Good size makes it easy to hold
  • Highlyelastic
  • Comes in a 6 pack


  • Some might find the erasers to be a little stiff

3. WITSUN Drawing Kneaded Erasers

WITSUN is one of those brands that not many have heard of. But once they use their products, it instantly clicks. You can say they’re somewhat of an underdog in this list. So, how do these drawing art kneaded erasers stack up to the industry giants?

Turns out, pretty well, actually. While they might not be the best of the best, they still give a good run for their money to your household names like Faber Castell. If you want to save a little bit of cash by getting a value brand, this one is pretty good.

Molding is easy with this one. You can mold the eraser to match all your erasing needs. Just take it and shape it the way you want. Think of yourself as being a sculptor, and you’re sculpting this eraser to your heart’s content. Doing so is pretty satisfying in its own right.

When you do get it to the right shape, the erasing capabilities will also impress you. You can use it to shade, smoothen and also blend your sketches or drawings. If you made a mistake, correcting it with this eraser is easy as pie as well.

The absorbent rubber works with different materials as well. It can lighten charcoal, sketches, and even pastels.


  • Good value
  • Can be molded easily
  • Works with charcoal, sketches, and pastels
  • No rubber residue


  • Performance is good, but we don’t feel it matches the top brands

4. Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Gum Rubber Eraser

A rubber eraser that breaks expectations and performs admirably. That’s how we would describe this eraser from Vanish.

It can work with a lot of different media. Whether you’re drawing light lines of charcoal on hard or soft paper, leave it to this one to erase it all. Not only charcoal, Vanish’s 4-in-1 can deal with graphite as well.

How about if you want to show off your art skills and blend two media together? Say maybe you want to blend charcoal and pastels together. Yep, it can do this too and get it just the way you want it.

The size makes it easy to hold, although some might find it a tad big. But we had no such problems, though. Its dimensions are 2.5” x 0.75”.

A problem with rubber erasers is the eraser crumb. Fortunately, this one does a fantastic job of cleaning itself up after you use it. There is little to no crumb left around. That helps you keep your art safe and sound.


  • The size ensures it will last you for a long time
  • Erases different mediums and can even deal with graphite
  • Can do blending jobs and other corrections
  • Crumbs are a non-issue


  • Size might not be comfortable for all

5. PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser

PRISMACOLOR is perhaps one of the brands that can stand toe to toe with Faber Castell and the likes and still hold its head up high. This brand is known to produce some of thebest kneaded eraser models. All artists have at least had some experience with this brand once in their life.

What makes this one a particular standout is its moldability and ability to work easily with a lot of different mediums. You can mold, shape, and bend it to the exact shape you want to reach any place and tight spaces in your art to make corrections or erase lines.

Need to blend two lines? Yep, you can do that with this one, too, without breaking a sweat. Whether you have deep strokes or light ones, PRISMACOLOR’s Design Eraser is up to the task.

It works with a host of different art mediums as well. Chalk, pencils, pastels, shading pencils are all fair game. This will work with charcoal, but we don’t think that’s aparticularly strong suitfor it, though. Oh yeah, you don’t have to deal with crumbs either.


  • Great moldability
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Will erase all kinds of lines
  • Blending is easy to do with this eraser
  • 4 pack version is available


  • Not the best eraser for charcoal

6. General Pencil GEN-140E-BP Jumbo

If you’re keen-eyed, one particular thing might catch your eye on this one. The packaging says this is a kneaded rubber eraser. What does that mean? And does it impact the performance?

Kneaded rubber erasers mean that they have been made using chemicals rather than being made from natural substances. This might seem like a downgrade compared to other erasers on the market, but it really doesn’t pose much of a problem.

The chemicals usedare all safe and do not contain any PVC or latex. As for the performance, this one is quite good. It will work with all different types of media like charcoal, chalk, highlights, and even pastels.

Elasticity-wise, this is also quite the performer. It’s fairly soft and malleable, which makes it easy to reach those difficult spots on your art. You can also mold it to expose the unused parts of the eraser to get the same effectiveness as day one.

Dealing with crumbs won’t be an issue either. When you use this eraser, it’s as clean as it gets, basically. No crumb messes to clean up whatsoever.


  • Good media compatibility
  • Moldable
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • No crumbs


  • Not made from natural materials

7. Raymond Geddes Wacky Scented Erasers

If you want to get a little playful with your erasers, these scented ones from Raymond Geddes are a perfect choice. Raymond Geddes knows how to make a good quality eraser, with the extra perk of them being scented as well.

Let’s talk about the distinct scent then. You can choose from different smells. Quite a lot, actually, too many to mention. So, we will just mention some popular ones. The options are watermelon, popcorn, marshmallow, apple, pine tree, and even pizza.

This isn’t your average pack either. There are a whopping 72 erasers in the pack. That tells you it’s meant to be used in bulk and also makes the perfect gift for aspiring artists, especially kids.

Honestly, the quality of the erasers isn’t bad. But they are unfortunately aren’t quite as good for serious professional use. They will get the job done for the most part but do leave some residue. When it comes to the actual erasing capabilities, these are serviceable for kids and leisurely artists.


  • Lots of erasers in the box
  • Fun scented erasers
  • Can be shared with others
  • Makes for a great gift


  • Leaves crumbs

8. Bellofy 12 Kneaded Erasers

For our last eraser, we chose the Bellofy kneaded ones. These are simple with no fancy features like the previous one. They are meant to do one thing and doit very well.

The elasticity is quite good too. This means it won’t completely lose its form no matter how much you shape it.

Media compatibility is again top-notch. This came off as no surprise to us since the brand is fairly well known. It will work well with pencils, pastels, charcoal, and other media.

Erasing performance is good for the most part. You can blend, correct and also lighten with these. In the right hands, these can become quite the artist’s tool, if you ask us. There are 12 erasers in the pack.

That means you don’t need to be buying them one by one. That’s good value for the money and is just more efficient.

It’s quite small, though. While that’s good for working charcoal and pastels, some might not like the smaller size. So, you need to evaluate does it work for you or not.


  • 12 erasers in the pack
  • Very elastic and easily moldable
  • Works with all common medias
  • Compatible with fluid mediums


  • Not everyone will be a fan of the size

Facts Before Buying Kneaded Erasers

We weren’t quite content with just giving you an in-depth review of these erasers. To help you decide and pick the right one for your specific needs, knowing what factors to look out for is very important.

That way, you can make the right choice and, more importantly, get the one that’s perfectly suited for your use case. So, here are the 6 factors you need to look out for before buying a kneading eraser.

Medium Compatibility

Medium compatibility is a big one. While art isn’t limited, erasers, on the other hand, somewhat are. You need to make sure whichever one you buy will work with different types of mediums.

You might choose to draw with charcoal one day. The other day you had a great piece in mind that will look stunning in a sketch. Or maybe with colored pencils the next day. No matter which medium you choose, make sure your eraser supports them.

This will save you the headache of having individual erasers for all the different mediums.


If your kneading eraser can’t be molded, it completely defeats the purpose. It’s like buying a sports car that can’t go fast. Check into the moldability and elasticity of the one you want to buy.

Ideally, it should be easily moldable and have adequate elasticity. You might be asking yourself, why do I even need to mold it in the first place? Well, to reach different places on the piece and make sure it works well.

You might want a precise point. Or you may want a flatter erasing surface to cover more ground. That’s exactly what having a moldable eraser gives you. The elasticity is also important. This will make sure it doesn’t snap when you are bending it into shape.

Precision in Erasing

Another very important factor to look out for is precision. A lot of new buyers will often overlook this feature. Precision here means how much effort or strokes do you need to make to get the mark off.

High-quality erasers will do this with minimal effort and pressure. If you have to keep rubbing it continuously, then you have a dud. So, make sure to get one that’s good quality and has precision.

All the ones we mentioned in this review are some of the best kneaded eraser models. You won’t have any problems with these.

Eraser Size

Size matters. It does, when it comes to erasers, at least. Properly sized ones will be much more comfortable to hold and work with. This will eventually come down to personal preference and also what kind of art you’re doing.

The size will also determine how narrow or flat the erasing surface is. So, definitely make sure to look into the size of the eraser. Unfortunately, this is also one of those things many people miss checking first.

Most of the erasers you buy will have the dimensions listed in the description. Make sure to check that out first before you make a decision.

The Crumb Problem

Oh, crumbs. The bane of every artist. While chip crumbs are beloved by everyone with a soul, eraser crumbs are a totally different story. Some erasers will leave a lot of residue and crumbs on your piece when you use them.

Needless to say, this can get quite annoying and isn’t really good for your art pieces either. Most of the time, you will need to manually remove them with your hands. This has the risk of ruining your art piece completely.

It’s an especially big problem when you’re dealing with fluid mediums. If it isn’t dry, you will end up making quite a mess.

So, it’s safe to say you don’t want your eraser leaving crumbs. Fortunately, there are a lot of good ones that have solved this crumb issue once and for all. Pick from those to save yourself some major headache and cleaning up after.

Number of Units

Here is the thing, if you draw and paint a lot, it’s better to buy a couple of erasers together than just getting a single unit. Why? It’s simply a better value and is hassle-free.

If you use up one, you will have a stash of others to fall back on. Imagine if you’re in the middle of doing an art piece, and you realize you used up the only eraser you have on a previous project. You forgot to order more.

That can be quite frustrating. Look for packs of multiple erasers. That way, you will have backup erasers and won’t find yourself in this situation either. Packs of 3, 4, or 5 are good.

Some even have 72 pieces like the Raymond Geddes one if you want to go super hardcore. So, the choice is yours.

Brand and Price

Settling on a brand and a price point is easy. These erasers don’t really cost a fortune, and they are definitely worth the money. Pick from a reputed brand, and you should be fine for the most part. All the ones we reviewed here have a history of making quality products over many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do kneaded erasers dry?

They don’t dry out in the sense that a towel dries out. These erasers are just stretchy and can be used for long periods of time since they are mostly made from putty. It absorbs the medium you want to erase. But sometimes, the oil can dry up and make it hard and rubbery. But that doesn’t happen anytime soon.

How can I make my kneaded eraser soft again?

One thing you can do to make it come back to life and soft again is use vegetable oil. Once you rub the oil and let it sit for a couple of days, it should be all soft and moldable again.
Before you try oil, though, you need to knead it to see if that will make it soft again. They are called what they are called for a reason, you know.

Are kneaded erasers toxic?

You will be happy to know, most aren’t toxic and are completely safe to use. That means it’s completely safe for use, even around children. While you don’t want toddlers to eat it, if they happen to have eaten some by accident, you won’t see any adverse health effects.

Why does my kneaded eraser stink?

When you use it with different mediums, they will absorb them. Over time, it can make them very dirty. And this might cause them to become so dirty that they will smell and will need to be replaced.

Do kneaded erasers last forever?

Unfortunately, no. Since these will directly absorb what you’re rubbing off, they won’t last forever. However, they still have a longer lifespan than others. You can also extend their life by using it properly. Knead and use them often.

Wrapping Up!

These were some of the best kneaded erasers. However, not every eraser will blend in with your taste. Obviously, you’ll have your preferences. If you ask us, we’ll suggest Faber Castell since it’s hands down a very reputed brand. However, the products the brand sells are a bit on the expensive side.

On the other hand, brands like June Gold, Bellofy, and Prismacolor offer kneaded erasers which are pretty affordable. Now, it’s true that they’re not as reputed as Faber Castell. However, they can go toe to toe with the giant.

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