Berthe Morisot

by | Oct 26, 2019 | Artists

Berthe Morisot (1841-1895), was the fist woman to join the Impressionists – the other was Mary Cassatt. She met Fantin-Latour in 1859, and in 1860 was encouraged by Corot, who influenced her early work. In 1868 Morisot met Manet and in 1874 married his younger brother Eugene. She exhibited in all but one (1879) of the Impressionist Exhibitions.

Morisot’s great importance lies in her influence on Manet, for it was partly through her that he came to adopt the Impressionist palette and to abandon black of which he was so great a master. She could never persuade him into joining the group, but their close family tie made it even more difficult for him to dissociate himself from them. After about 1885 she was very strongly influenced by Renoir.