About Us

Hi, I am Lynne Allen. I am the owner of PaintingAll. I have been in the painting and drawing industry since 2010. I love watching how people express their creativity.

I have 4-6 experinced artists and diesingers along with me to work for PaintingAll. Each member has been working for at least 5 years in Art and Desing Industry. We have a wide variety of interests, ranging from art history and art theory, to digital art and illustration, to art and design history.

PaintingAll aimed at providing artists and designers with a contemporary art community that is always growing. Whether an artist is an international trendsetter, independent craftsperson, or just starting out, we want to provide our audience with the latest information on the art world, all in one place.

Feel free leave your feedback to us. You can conctact with us at paintingallinc@gmail.com